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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Not So Pretty Side Of Dating...

So I had to send two not so pleasant emails this weekend.  The first was to Mr. Urban Cowboy, telling him that I enjoyed meeting him but that I didn't feel we had a lot in common and that I wished him luck in his search.  He kept calling and I just couldn't bear to tell him that over the phone.  Next time, I'll send the email as soon as I get home.  The other email went to Mr. Q&A who was sending me novella like emails...seriously they were like short stories and there were 20 questions in each email.  I suppose that's how you get to know someone, but I deal with emails all day long so coming home to more of them, just isn't fun.  Which may mean online dating could be the wrong medium for me.
Nonetheless, that wasn't the problem with Mr. Q&A, he's actually married.  He wanted to be honest and up front with me, and told me that he was still married and going through a divorce.  Apparently he'd been separated for over a year - "both emotionally and physically" and hoped that this new information didn't bother me. How am I meeting these men?  I wished him luck in his search, but told him I wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with a married man (standard I would hold for anyone I met).  This was also going to be his 2nd divorce and I mentioned that I had never been married and didn't really have a good frame of reference for what he was going through, suggested he might want to think about dating someone who had also been divorced/married, since they might be able to better relate to what he was going through. I'm sure he was a nice guy, but really -- that's not the type of drama I need in my life.

And then my date for Friday night cancelled two hours before our date because he was worried about driving from Scottsdale to Glendale in the rain.  Of course, it wasn't actually raining...he had heard it might and that worried him.  Now, it did rain the night before and there were tornado warnings.  But it didn't rain on Friday.  I had plans on we haven't gotten together.  So I doubt we'll make plans again.  Mr. Worry Wart didn't impress me.

All in dating hasn't been a real win.  But there's always a new match tomorrow.  I've realized I can't blame it all on the internet.  I was talking with coworkers today about Mr. Send Out Cards and realized, that I can find these guys all on my own too.  I'll tell you about him tomorrow.

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