Your Thirties are the New Twenties...

This is my story of life and adventures after 30. Isn't 3o the new 20? Topics may include anything from dating and love to work and fitness to friends and family. It's my intent to brighten your day and make you smile and give you a glimpse into life of the thirty-something singleton. Perhaps it will inspire you to take a risk, try something new, make a change or just laugh out loud. My hope is to share with my readers my moments of truth, clarity, reflection and insight with a touch of wit and sarcasm thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Not So Pretty Side Of Dating...

So I had to send two not so pleasant emails this weekend.  The first was to Mr. Urban Cowboy, telling him that I enjoyed meeting him but that I didn't feel we had a lot in common and that I wished him luck in his search.  He kept calling and I just couldn't bear to tell him that over the phone.  Next time, I'll send the email as soon as I get home.  The other email went to Mr. Q&A who was sending me novella like emails...seriously they were like short stories and there were 20 questions in each email.  I suppose that's how you get to know someone, but I deal with emails all day long so coming home to more of them, just isn't fun.  Which may mean online dating could be the wrong medium for me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr. Urban Cowboy

I had my first date with a match last night and  there was no love connection.   I arrived about 10 minutes late, this is par for the course for me, no matter how much I plan in advance I'm always late. (so to date me is to find my perpetual tardiness endearing or at least manageable).  This didn't appear to upset him, which was a good thing in my opinion and he looked very normal and distinguished - mid forties, tall, glasses, graying hair dressed casually but nice. It was only after he started talking that I began to realize that his online profile only gave me a very small glimpse into his life.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why a Blog...Setting the Stage

So, there's lots of things I could have done - started a journal, written a novel or called a friend --  instead I decided to share my adventures in dating and love online. Why?   Mainly because I thought it would be fun and interesting plus a large majority of my friends on Facebook said they liked the idea.