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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Training for a Half Marathon (what was I thinking?!)

I'm interrupting my dating stories to start worrying about running and training for an upcoming half marathon in June in San Diego.  About a year ago I started signing up for triathlons and running events. Which, was actually a great thing to do.  My life is ruled by my calendar (aka blackberry) so once something gets in there, it happens and gives me something to work towards.  And it gave me a great workout and fitness goal. 

My first triathlon was a huge endeavor - I don't think I had swum that far since the high school swim team, which was a long time ago (so long I don't even want to think about it).  I also knew once I started telling people (o.k. maybe I was bragging) that I was training for a tri -- that I would have to follow through.  And I did.  My goal was just to finish and it was a great feeling.  But 13 miles?!  Really what was I thinking (I was thinking it was half as long as the full marathon which was 26).  But really, the most I ever run on the treadmill is 3 miles at a time...and I never run outside.  I could blame my friend Jessica - she convinced me and made it sound so fun.  San Diego, great weather, lots of fun, Rock n Roll, great friends.  It will be good -- but right now it just seems daunting. I love having someone to train and race with it is so much better than doing it alone.

I am currently researching running programs and training plans and trying to figure out the best way to  get ready.  The one thing about me is I like to research and learn about everything.  Interested in doing a tri?  Come see me, I have about 10 books you can borrow.  I go into everything prepared and well informed, never blind.  I like to know my facts and figures and what to expect.  My friends may laugh -- but if you need your bike tire changed or wonder why your shoe laces keep coming untied, come to me, I'm a wealth of information.  I may not come in first place or be a fast sprinter, but I do know lots of interesting helpful tips...

Wish me luck as I take my running outside and start working up to my long runs.  I did the 60-Mile, Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in November, so I'm sure I can make it 13 miles.  But something about running a half marathon sounds intimidating.  And I want to run a steady 10 minute mile.  Back to the books I go and perhaps online to look at the really cool Garmin Forerunner I've been eyeing, because it's all about the cool gadgets (and if I'm outside my Polar heart rate monitor just isn't going to cut it anymore).

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  1. Oh, I am totally drooling over the Garmins right now. I just started running for the first time in my life a little over 4 months ago.

    You're going to do awesome. :) I'm not ready to train for a half yet...but it actually seems like something I MIGHT want to do in the future, which is a step further than I was a month ago!

    I have been regularly doing 5Ks around my neighborhood, and my first "official" 5K is this Sunday. I think I'd like to do a 10K either this spring or next fall.